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Algalita Marine Research and Education
Algalita's mission is to lead the world to a plastic pollution free future. We empower young people to think critically about long-lasting solutions that take both the planet and people into consideration.

BOSS Programs, Inc., Turning Dreamers into Achievers
Our mission is to create an equal playing field in education for boys, especially boys of color and/or those from under-resourced communities and schools (Target Boys) by providing positive role models, multi-year and year round academic guidance (STEAM focused) and coaching, life advice, career exposure and networking, resources and equipment to increase the chances of Target Boys achieving personal and professional success in all industries including engineering, finance, global trade and tech

Long Beach City College Foundation
Long Beach City College Foundation's mission is to raise funds to support the College's outstanding and evolving learning environment.

Rancho Los Alamitos
Our mission is to educate and engage visitors by sharing the site's rich history, compelling stories and authentic connections to California's past, thus inspiring a sense of community.

Operation Jump Start
OJS helps low-resourced, high-potential first generation students get in, stay in, and graduate from a four-year college by providing academic support, mentoring, and exposure to a broader world. OJS has provided the comprehensive resources and mentoring needed to enable youth in underserved communities to reach their full potential through a college education. OJS serves between 250-350 youth annually all Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) students, ranging from 13 to 23 years old.

Long Beach BLAST
To improve academic and personal success for at-promise youth with and without disabilities through collaboration and innovative approaches to mentoring and learning.

EXP prepares students for a better life. Our programs help young people gain experience, unlock doors and build the confidence they need to succeed in school, career and life.

Elevate Your G.A.M.E.
The mission of Elevate Your G.A.M.E. is to lift urban students higher, through mentoring, in their Grades, Attendance and Maturity to Empower them to be leaders who bring about positive change in their schools, communities and the world.

Long Beach Century Club
The Long Beach Century Club is dedicated to the support of amateur athletics and athletes in the city of Long Beach, including middle schools, high schools and colleges. Over the years, The Century Club has supported thousands of athletes and teams in Long Beach. It has sent athletes to all corners of the globe for competitions, many whom have returned with World or Olympic Championships.

Long Beach Public Library Foundation
The Long Beach Public Library Foundation provides support to enhance the Long Beach Public Library and encourages literacy and education for all members of the community.

Freedom Writers Foundation
To provide educators with the tools they need to empower their student to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

The Nonprofit Partnership
The Nonprofit Partnership's mission is to build the capacity of nonprofits so they can make positive change in their communities

Shared Science
Our mission is to build on children's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning experiences through constructive, creative, and playful programs, while fostering learning communities.

Children's Maritime Institute
The mission of the Children's Maritime Institute is to empower youth to discover their highest potential and foster awareness and appreciation for the ocean through hands-on and at-sea experiences and education.