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The Little Lion Foundation
A popular belief about our shelter system is that those adorable, tiny kittens will be safe, taken care of and adopted out if taken to an animal shelter.. and unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, most kittens under 8 weeks of age are euthanized upon intake or on the same day. The Little Lion Foundation is the very first rescue in Long Beach, California to point our main focus on these innocent, fragile beings.

Clothes The Deal
Clothes The Deal is helping our community get back to work with dignity by providing business clothing and job training to low-income, unemployed men, women and youth in order to create parity in their job search and workplace. "Give your clothes a second life, and someone else a second chance"

Alliance for Housing and Healing
The Alliance for Housing and Healing (Alliance) provides housing and supportive services that prevent homelessness among people disabled and impoverished by HIV/AIDS or other challenging health conditions, who are caught in the downward spiral of chronic disease, mental illness and homelessness. Our strong belief that Health Happens with Housing is embodied in our mission to provide essential housing and supportive services to people living in poverty with challenging health conditions.

Camp Kesem at Long Beach State
Camp Kesem is a nationwide community based organization driven by passionate college student leaders who support children through and beyond their parent's cancer. We do this by providing innovative and fun-filled programs that foster a lasting bond for children with similar experiences. While we offer ongoing support throughout the year, our main flagship program is to provide an expense-free week of summer camp for children impacted by a parent's cancer.

Christian Outreach In Action
Christian Outreach in Action (COA) is a non-denominational non-profit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of homeless and impoverished individuals in Long Beach and surrounding areas so they may reach and sustain self-sufficiency and independence. COA follows faith-based teachings that tell us to provide compassionate assistance to anyone in need.

United Cambodian Community
UCC's mission is to elevate the Cambodian community through local engagement and leadership that embodies Cambodian cultural values. Our vision is a flourishing Cambodian community whose valuable contributions enrich the broader society and future generations.

JFCS of Long Beach
We empower people to make positive life changes through professional, affordable counseling and support.

Alpert JCC of Long Beach
The Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach provides programs and services that contribute to the sound development of individuals of all ages and offers opportunities to enhance an appreciation Of Jewish and democratic values in Long Beach and West Orange County. Our building is a place where individuals, families and the community come together for senior adult programming, fitness, recreation, child care , day camp and cultural programming.

Long Beach Chorale & Chamber Orchestra
Long Beach Chorale and Chamber Orchestra honors and promotes the tradition of outstanding amateur music-making by creating a variety of great musical experiences for our community.

Speak Up Empowerment Foundation, Inc.
Our overall mission is to provide access to community resources, professional training, and support for female-headed single-parent families residing in the Greater Long Beach area. Our advocacy, outreach, and engagement missions include improving our community's families and neighborhoods through quality health and wellness programs (mental, physical, emotional), increased financial sufficiency, and enhanced educational quality.

Urban Community Outreach
To advance the interests and promote the welfare of the economically disenfranchised and homeless people in Long Beach by offering a welcoming environment to provide respite, nutrition, opportunity, and hope.

Rising TIDE @ MKEC
Rising TIDE @ MKEC's Education and Development Program for Urban Children and Youth uplifts and empowers young people in Long Beach through academic support, cultural enrichment, healthy relationship-building, nutritional support, and recreational programming. We prepare these children and youth to lead happy, whole, and productive lives by equipping them with the skills and tools necessary to become self-reliant and fulfill their academic, professional, and personal potential.

Long Beach Time Exchange
The mission of The Long Beach Time Exchange (LBTE) is to build and strengthen relationships within the city of Long Beach by connecting people's unmet needs and untapped resources. This is done through the facilitation of an online network, one-on-one exchanges, and skill-share gatherings. Our goal is to enhance health, sustainability, and accessibility for all!

Long Beach BLAST
To improve academic and personal success for at-promise youth with and without disabilities through collaboration and innovative approaches to mentoring and learning.

The Guidance Center
The Guidance Center provides comprehensive mental health treatment to our community's most disadvantaged children and their families struggling with mental illness and abuse, leading them toward a positive and productive future. The Guidance Center envisions a community where all children have the help they need to be healthy and happy.